Tourism Quality

We are committed to a Quality process of reception and information. Label that we are in the process of obtaining in 2022.

Attentive to welcome you in the Azay Chinon Val de Loire Tourist Office, we help you to find accommodation that meets your criteria, we inform you about leisure and activities, we give you the right advice, the right address, the right plan, which will make your stay in the Lands of Azay Chinon Val de Loire a real success, with a desire to come back with family and friends.

We are committed to a process of continuous improvement, for a quality tourism, based on listening to our visitors. Thus, at each step of your stay, your comments and suggestions, opinions, are taken into account and every year we implement improvements of our services.

• We are a team of professionals: because there is no substitute for local expert advice

• Listen to you: because the time we spend informing you is not timed and you are unique

• We will tell you about your discoveries: because it is a pleasure to share with you these precious moments of your holidays

• And all that in all simplicity: because in Touraine, through our experiences of Territory (Azay le Rideau Experience, Chinon Experience, Montbazon Experience, Val de l'Indre, Val de Vienne Experience, Richelieu Experience)  and from one step to another, we’re like that: warm, welcoming and caring.

At a distance or on site, on our social networks or in our reception offices, you will be listened to, informed and welcomed as you deserve!


Together, let’s discover this territory!

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Classification in category I in progress for early 2023.

Currently classified as Category II

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This tourist office classified in category 2, belonging to the Network of Tourist Offices of Touraine, and ADN tourism, is committed to:

• Provide you with a reception space and information space, easily accessible.

• Facilitate your steps.

• Provide you with furniture to sit down.

• Inform you about the local tourist offer for free.

• Display and spread its opening periods in at least two foreign languages and renewed daily.

• Offer you free access to wifi (local wifi in the Loire Valley).

• Be open at least 305 days a year, including Saturdays and Sundays, during tourist or entertainment periods.

• Answer your mail all year round.

• Provide you with a permanent reception service managed by a staff who practice at least two foreign languages.

• Provide you with tourist maps, plans and guides in hard copy.

• Give you access to its trilingual website dedicated and suitable for consultation via embedded media

• Spread its tourist information also in hard copy translated into at least two foreign languages relating: to all classified tourist accommodation containing at least the name of the establishment, the postal coordinates, e-mail, the address of the website, the phone contact details, the level of classification; to monuments and cultural, natural or leisure tourist sites that may include the indication of the usual rates, the periods and opening times to the public, the website and the telephone and postal coordinates; to events and entertainment; to emergency telephone numbers.

• Update its tourism information annually.

• Display emergency phone numbers outside.

• Give you access to check availability of classified accommodation.

• Process your claims and evaluate your satisfaction.

• Offer a tourism information service integrating new information and communication technologies (social networks, mobile telephony, geolocation,).

• Meet the requirements of the Tourism Quality Label.

• Provide a travel consultant.

• Guarantee the reliability and timeliness of information about the local tourism offers.

• Update the data about the tourist offer in its geographic area of intervention.

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    Vue Forteresse Chinon des bord de Vienne groupe
    Groupe d'amis debant la vue de la Forteresse Chinon des bord de Vienne. Touraine


    Poires-tapées-Rivarennes-Val de loire gastronomie
    Recette traditionnelle Poires-tapées-Rivarennes-Val de loire gastronomie


    La loire en bateau Candes-Saint-Martin- Confluenceby Enpaysdelaloire
    La loire en bateau Candes-Saint-Martin- Confluenceby Enpaysdelaloirecom

    Barque à fond plat


    Spectacle de danse

    Que d'eau

    Grand dehors

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