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Share time through a walk

The history of our Greeters from Touraine


Discover the surroundings of Sainte-Maure de Touraine and Chinon with a Greeter, share his story through a walk.

Since 2014 in Chinon and then in 2015 in Sainte-Maure de Touraine, the team of Greeters today is composed of 20 unique personalities to offer you a special moment.

What is the principle?

Le Greeter, “host in English” is a local resident who is passionate about his territory, his town, his village and welcomes the visitor during a friendly, authentic and informative walk.  He takes you around his favourite places, offers you his “good deals” and addresses … All in a completely volunteer-based approach! These walks of about 2 hours are free.

Who are they?

Chinon side:



From Chinon at heart, from Huismes by birth, in love with our beautiful Chinonais and its surroundings, it is with great pleasure that I will accompany you through the discovery of the Chinonais.


I was born close to Chinon, a town where I have always lived, and my attachment to it is strong.


I will be happy to accompany you for a walk to discover the town of Chinon through the maze of its small medieval streets and the anecdotes that characterize them.


Raised near London, England, I found my happiness in Chinon in 2008 where I live with my French husband and my four children.


I am a Dutch-Chinon resident.


From Chinon by adoption, Tourangeau by the family, member of the Confrérie des Bons Entonneurs Rabelaisiens.


Hello and welcome to our beautiful region, our «garden of France».


I live in Touraine since 2010 but as a child, I spent my holidays in Chinon.


I will be happy to let you discover some unusual places in our city, or the surroundings if you want to take a bike ride.


If you are interested in visiting Chinon through its terroir, I propose you walks that will allow you to talk and exchange on Rabelais, the vineyard and wine with a touch of gastronomy.

Laurent D

“Kid” from Chinon, I did my education there, but also wandered through this fantastic playground that are the mazes of streets and private passages of the city center.


I am of English origin, and I came here as a tourist, but now I am lucky to have made my life in the small village of Huismes, in the wonderful region of Touraine.

Sainte-Maure side:


I love my town, my village that I have never left despite a very international professional career.

Danielle A

I have been living in Sainte-Catherine de Fierbois for many years and I am passionate about history, especially that of my region.


If Pussigny is the smallest municipality in the canton of Sainte-Maure de Touraine, it is well known for its “Festival Grand Format” In one day, 30 painters create 30 giant works of 4 m x 2 m that remain on the walls of the village until the end of September.


The long routes, including several roads to Compostela, taught me to share landscapes and people meeting.


I would like to introduce you to some unusual places in Sainte-Maure de Touraine and tell you about its cheese and its history.


I will keen to make you discover our special environment composed of small troglodyte village devoted to preserve art of living, conviviality, biodiversity… Looking forward to welcoming you there… See you soon.


Having good knowledge about the village of Nouâtre along the Vienne, I will make you discover, with great pleasure, on foot or by bike, its rich heritage, its history, its hiking trails, its little unknown corners.


Born in a railway workers’ family and living in the Noyant station, I would like you to discover a beautiful view where the viaduct of the Tours-Poitiers railway passes more than 30 meters above a wonderful valley.

How to book a ride?

Visit the website Greeters Loire Valley

For a safe ride! 

Mesures sanitaires Covid19 pour les rencontres Greeters

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    Vue Forteresse Chinon des bord de Vienne groupe
    Groupe d'amis debant la vue de la Forteresse Chinon des bord de Vienne. Touraine


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    Recette traditionnelle Poires-tapées-Rivarennes-Val de loire gastronomie


    La loire en bateau Candes-Saint-Martin- Confluenceby Enpaysdelaloire
    La loire en bateau Candes-Saint-Martin- Confluenceby Enpaysdelaloirecom

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